22 January 2012

Producer / Project Manager - Day in the Life

A little PM humor to start off the week:

26 December 2010

The Year of the Tiger (2010): With Every Challenge, There is a Blessing.

I couldn't explain the feeling I had then and still can't even today as to why I started 2010 with the most optimistic of feelings.  I didn't know what experiences would come; however, I knew they would be great (in magnitude, not size) and welcomed.  Looking back on the last 12 months...I was right.

  • In January, I made it official and began my marketing business, One Epiphany, LLC.  Wasn't ready for it, but I jumped in anyway and for the teaching moments I have had, I am blessed.
  • After year on the job hunt, I was finally offered employment with the US Census.  It was temporary, but employment nonetheless and for that I was blessed.
  • I was awarded a scholarship to participate in the "Making a Lateral Move into Advertising" pilot program.  Since I traveled from Richmond, VA to New York City each month to participate, it cost me travel money and time.  Even so I felt blessed. 
  • After 7 months of trying to rent out my house, I found a roommate. Later I found full-time tenants who have treated my home as it was theirs and for this I am blessed.
  • Four months after establishing my own company, I had my first "real client" (signed contract and deposited check) and for this I am blessed.
  • When I was literally all packed up, moved to another state, and uncertain as to what to if or when I would work professionally in my field of interest, a door of opportunity opened that kept me in Richmond a little longer.  It wasn't the type of work I had wanted, but it gave me exposure to the advertising industry I had grown to love and for that I was blessed.
  • After months of stress and prayer, the heaviest of my financial burdens was lifted and for this I am wonderfully blessed.
  • In 2009 & 2010 combined, I applied to almost 750 jobs in search of full-time employment.  Jobs I was over-qualified for, jobs I was under-qualified for, as well as jobs I thought were made just for me.  Between June 1 & August 31, 2010 I applied to only 52 positions.  It may sound odd to some, but for the decreased number of hours on the computer & on the road searching for a job...yes, for that I was blessed.
  • By early summer 2010, I had a focus on the type of advertising career I wanted as well as individuals willing to help guide me along the way and for this I am truly blessed.
  • Three times this year people have opened up their homes, for months at a time, so I could find my footing as I continued up a difficult path and for this I was  blessed.
  • In Fall 2010, I was offered a position for which I had not applied and it was exactly in the area of advertising I was targeting as well as with the type of account I had wanted to work on and for this I am blessed.
  • To have the constant support of family and friends believing in me and cheering me on every step of the way has been utterly amazing & humbling and for this I will FOREVER be blessed.
This year (2010) has been one of the most challenging years I have had to experience, but it was also the one with the most blessings.

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Much has happened in the last year for which I am forever grateful.

As always, I am thankful for my family, friends, and health. This year I am thankful for growing business ventures and professional opportunities.

What are you thankful for this year?

04 September 2010

How the Everyday Person Should Use Twitter

When people ask why I use or like Twitter, I always describe it as the "lazy man's Google". Unlike Google where you have to know what problem you are trying to solve or what information you wish to seek, with Twitter once you begin following people information comes to you. As a result, I am able to expose myself to more facets of life, people, technology, politics, pop culture or any other topic without ever having to know specifically what I want to discover. :-D

This brings me to Digital Daily's QOTD for September 3, 2010:
Google is very good at ‘I need to solve a problem, I need to buy something, I need an answer. Twitter is more ‘I’m interested in many things, I don’t know what I need to know.’” – Twitter CEO Evan Williams

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14 August 2010

The 2010 Social Networking Map / Flowtown (@flowtown)

The 2010 Social Networking Map / Flowtown (@flowtown)

This map is a great illustration of how quickly social networking platforms grow (and shrink). For most of 2008, Facebook had less than 100 million users while MySpace was the big player on the scene. Two years later Facebook has over 500 million and I can't even find MySpace on Flowtown's map.